Wild Game Specials - Nothing to Shy From

Antelope, boar, and venison…oh my! Wild Game specials on the November menu at Ella Dining Room and Bar are nothing to be afraid of. This truly “wild” game comes from Broken Arrow Ranch in Texas and is prepared in deliciously approachable dishes with seasonal fare.

Broken Arrow Ranch is an artisanal producer of free-range venison, boar, and antelope meat. The animals live wild and come from the sprawling hills in Central and South Texas, across nearly 1 million acres of open land. They graze on wild grown grass, shrubs and trees that have never been treated with any fertilizer or pesticides and are humanely harvested so that stress is not inflicted upon them, thus resulting in the highest quality of meat. Broken Arrow Ranch is the only fully inspected year-round harvesting program of free-range wild game in the United States. From all of this, we are able to source the cleanest tasting wild game for our November specials.

Three specials on our dinner menu feature the wonderful game from Broken Arrow Ranch. Wild Boar is prepared with fondant potato, Bloomsdale spinach, and porcini mushroom sauce for a full fall meal. Tender and finely textured Axis Venison stars in our Wood Fired Venison special with black-eyed peas, mole, and sweet potato. Our Venison Tartare uses mildy flavored “nilgai” antelope, which has a delicate texture similar to veal. These Wild Game dishes are nothing to shy from in November.

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