‘Tis the Season to Toast

The holiday season is a time of celebrations. At Ella Dining Room and Bar, we believe every celebration should include a glass of champagne. So, we’ve transformed our entry display to appropriately toast the season with an exhibit of Ruinart champagne bottles and boxes designed by artist, Piet Hein Eek.

Hein Eek is a Dutch artist and furniture designer who is known for his love and use of reclaimed wood. Some of his designs and furnishings are used in the interior décor at Ella. For several years, Hein Eek was commissioned by Ruinart to create displays and boxes for the champagne house. Naturally, he chose beautiful reclaimed pine to house their Blanc de Blancs and Rosé bottles. 

Each box is one-of-a-kind and we are thrilled to have them on display here at Ella. Built in a trapezoid shape to reflect on the power of individual units when brought together, the boxes also pay tribute to the original 1769 Ruinart wooden case.  They are designed to be arranged in whichever shape the owner decides. Hein Eek chose pine finished with a patina of pale grey, white and cream for the Blanc de Blancs, as the colors are reminiscent of the wine itself. The Rosé boxes also evoke the wine with patinas of brown, dark raspberry, red and pink. Each box is individually signed and numbered by Hein Eek.

We hope you enjoy celebrating the holiday season at Ella and the unique art on display. Most of all we hope you toast to the holidays with a of glass bubbles!

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