Fresh Maine Lobster All August

Lobster is considered one of the delicacies of the sea and will be featured in specials for Lunch, Dinner, and Happy Hour at Ella Dining Room and Bar the entire month of August. Live Maine Lobsters arrive to our kitchen daily where they are perfectly prepared for each lobster dish.

Most American Lobster comes from our friends on the East Coast in Maine. The peak of Maine’s lobster season hits in the late summer, making August the perfect month to feature it on our menu while lobster is plentiful. In fact, thirty to fifty pounds of live lobster is brought to us daily during the month of August.

For our fourth annual Lobster Month in August, we welcome some delicious new dishes including Lobster Beignets on our Happy Hour Menu. Bite-sized, made with fresh Summer Corn and served with a Spicy Remoulade, they’re perfect for sharing over cocktails. Our Thai Spiced Lobster Dinner Special incorporates lightly prepared fresh Maine Lobster with bright refreshing flavors of Green Papaya and Mango, perfect for pairing with a cool glass of a dry Riesling or crisp white wine on a hot August day. For lunch you might want to enjoy a Lobster Cobb Salad that’s nearly too beautiful to eat, but worth every bite.

Weather you enjoy your lobster with some “turf”, whole with lemon and drawn butter, or in a roll, there will be no shortage of it in August for our specials.

Fresh Photos