Selland Family Local Grower Spotlight - Watanabe Farms


Local Grower Spotlight – Watanabe Farms 

Chef and Owner Randall Selland and family have been getting produce from West Sacramento’s Watanabe Farms for about twelve years now. At Selland’s, Ella and The Kitchen, we use their tomatoes and squash when they are at their peak, and we’ve also procured microgreens and edible flowers for our restaurants over the years.

Right now, Heidi Watanabe is dropping off he squash to Selland's, and tomatoes should be rolling in in the next couple months.

Heidi hand delivers our orders to us for optimal freshness, but you can find her every Sunday at the Farmers Market under the freeway at 8th and X, rain or shine, when her goods are in season.

Gina Nelson

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